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2013-05-30 | Edx continues to grow it network of the world leading institutions of higher education to meet global demand and increase access to quality education.
CAMBRIDGE,– EdX, the not-for-profit online learning initiative composed of the leading global institutions of the xConsortium, announced another doubling of its university membership with the addition of its first Asian institutions and further expansion in the Ivy League. The xConsortium will be... read more
2013-05-28 | Australian Universities in spar with Prime Minister in battle of over spending
Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, has been into spar with the Australian Universities. Taking the office in 2010, the prime minister was largely seen as an ally to the Australian Higher education but recently things have  taken a new turn altogether. In April 2013, the Australian government... read more
2013-05-16 | Melbourne home to global business education hub
Melbourne now boasts one of the Asia Pacific’s most comprehensive business education precincts, as a ground-breaking collaboration between the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Business and Economics and Melbourne Business School takes full effect today. Melbourne Business School (MBS) has b... read more
2013-05-16 | War of Words - French academia over the plan to teach in English
Languages have been a long standing battleground for the Paris politics. Remembering one such incidence in 2006 of the previous French prime ministers, who staged out the EU summit on the usage of other language than French by a French business leader at the table. The fumes could be seen again as ... read more
2013-05-16 | Myanmar Educators Reach out the world
Once being the site of anti-government student protest in 1988, Yangon technological university has come a long way and is in a pursuit of reestablishment and returning to the sense of normality. Undergraduate students those were barred for almost about decade are visiting back although with a rest... read more

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