« The new Ranking of the best Master's programs is very innovative, it is very thoughtful... and most of all I like the vision ».

Prof. Joseph PHILIP
President of Xavier Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship - Bangalore, India

« ... I found very interesting the ranking of the best master's programs. It is very well classified in terms of the field of each Masters degree. On the other hand it gives you information how the programs classified according to their quality. We are very happy, because we didn't expect to be so well ranked. But even so, I have to confess that it was even hard for our how to participate in the evaluation. But finally we got it and were able to provide the information that was required. If the system is working as expected it could be a very important tool for us. »

Prof. Jorge BULA
Dean of Universidad Nacional de Colombia, School of Economic Sciences, Colombia

« About the benefits of the Eduniversal Ranking of the Best Master's programs: All stakeholders will benefit, not only students, but of course students are the main constituency. And I think schools will benefit because they will have forums for networking, interacting, exchanging and collaborating. They will be able to identify collaboration partners across the globe and anywhere they go. I think employers of these students will benefit because when they receive a resume of a person for a job, they will see they belong to this college of university they will have a reference point to check. And I think that, the world of education will benefit, because for once we will have a whole compilation of information all available in one place. Otherwise it is not available and it will become an authentic source of information as to how the educational world is progressing and I am looking at it beyond the next 4 or five years. It will be found in the reference part of the libraries. This is one authentic publication that is coming. »

Prof. Dr. Aneeta MADHOK
Eduniversal International Scientific Committee member - Central Asia, India

« Such rankings will be very important for the students to know exactly where to go, Where to be trained and where to get their Master's so yes, I strongly believe that even for Paris 1 Panthéon - Sorbonne University it will be very important to be part of such rankings... Indeed then we will have an opportunity to lure the best students from the entire world in all disciplines and for all Master's. So yes Indeed the Mobility will increase and yes indeed such ranking will help and will of course feed this university because this will help the students, their families to choose the best and the right Master's to go in. »

Jean marc LEHU
Paris 1 Panthéon - Sorbonne, France

« I think that the rankings of the master's program will give to the market the information's on different providers of higher education and for me it's a good support for the decision making process of the students.
The SMBG-Eduniversal Ranking has really an impact on EUROMED masters because when we are recruiting the students for our Masters and we ask them how they are knowing EUROMED Management the answer is SMBG-Eduniversal Ranking... »

EUROMED Management, France

Interviews with Directors from the best ranked programs

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